Welcome to the Walleye World e-store. The registration process has changed please pay close attention to the instructions given.

There is a drop down list of weigh stations during checkout. You will be asked to select the weigh station you wish to pick your hat(s) up at.
This will be listed on the ticket you receive via e-mail.

If you have registered an adult ticket and would like to take advantage of our free junior ticket per 1 adult ticket. Please e-mail us at with your name, ticket number, and name of the junior you wish to register. We will use the address/phone number you provided during the adult registration unless asked to do otherwise. The ticket(s) will be sent to you via e-mail. Print them out along with your adult tickets. Be sure to have them with you during the derby.

*All entrants can weigh in fish at any Kiwanis Walleye World Weigh-In station.*

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